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Änderungen an Nintendo Entertainment System Controller Maintenance Einleitung

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[ ]NES-004 Controller
[ ]repair
[ ]Repairing loose soldered contacts and dirty PCB contacts
[ ]Repairing an NES-004 Controller
[ ]The NES-004 controller was part of the third generation of videogame systems. It evolved the concept of the videogame controller from a primarily analog or dial systems. The NES-004, introduced in America, a template that would set the stage for almost every successive controller. The NES-004 featured an all-digital input with directional controls placed on the left and action controls placed on the right. Although the NES is an older generation gaming system the games are still fun and hobbyists are still creating new 8-bit games. Designed to be simple and easy to produce, the NES controller is very durable with many still surviving to this day. While the outside of the controller seems simple, the real magic happens inside. Lying in-between the two outer gray plastic case pieces is the printed circuit board. Being made of a nonconductive material it is what the rest of the components in the controller are hooked to. Eight metal circles split in half by nonconductive material lie under the eight buttons from the face. Between this circle and the plastic buttons above is a rubber garment with a metallic piece. The metallic piece completes the broken circuit when the player presses the button. The input is sent down onto the five wires inside the cable to the console, at the solder points that connect the two. It is at the points of connections between the button to the controller and controller to the cable that issues most often arise. This guide will aim to address these common issues. Connecting the players input, with stories to play through, allows the player to immerse themselves in to a visual adventure. With the emergence of newer games created by hobbyists, and old classics, many gamers find a NES Controller in need of these simple repairs.
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[ ]To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.
[ ]This will guide you through the process of fixing a NES 004 controller step by step. This repair will require 24 hours with about 45 minutes of actual repairs. The repair may require the use of a soldering iron, check the iFixit soldering guide for help.


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