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Änderungen an Car Maintenance Tips Einleitung

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This guide will show you how to perform small maintenance techniques on your vehicle that will prolong the life of the vehicle and keep it running in tip-top shape. These include:
* Removing battery corrosion
* Checking and refilling power steering, window washer, radiator, and brake fluid
* Checking and refilling the engine oil
* Checking and adjusting the tire pressure.
Caps should be labeled to let you know where certain liquids should be poured. Please consult your owners manual to know what all is recommended for your vehicle.
*To check the oil, pull the dipstick out, wipe it off with a paper towel, then stick it back in and pull it out to check it. There should be a meter to view on your dipstick, which will tell you how low you are on your oil. If you are low, put the amount of oil in as needed. For all other liquids, just check them and fill them accordingly.
*To check tire pressure, use a gauge. Simply pop your valve cover off on your tire, then place the gauge on the valve to get the pressure reading. The average tire should be at around 35 lbs. If your tire is lower than that, then air it up using a compressor. It is best not to exceed a great amount of pressure in your tires, as it may cause your vehicle to be more prone to a blowout.


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