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[* black] Again we grab the Halberd Spudger and slide around the edge to free the display just to discover the reason for the intractable front camera—one single screw.
[* icon_note] This one is the white sheep under all the black screws—not just because of the color, but also the material. It sticks to our bits and the magnetic mat like expected.
[* black] With the screw removed we realize that the bracket and the camera itself can only be accessed from this side. So no front camera repair without forcing off the display. We wonder who has to walk the engineering plank for this.
[* icon_note] Trotzdem ist sie mit 8MP und einer f/2.0 Blende ausgestattet. Huawei gibt an, dass durch die Verschiebung des Fokuspunktes ein professioneller Bokeheffekt erzielt wird, welcher für dramaturgischere Portraits und Selfies sorgt.