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-[* red] Using your metal pry tool slowly pry the two halves apart by moving your metal pry tool around the laptop slowly moving your tool up and down to pry. Once all the way around the top and bottom half will separate.
-[* icon_note] When pulling the laptops apart be careful to hold them together at first due to the sensitive ribbon cable inside.
-[* orange] Use your metal pry tool again to push the holding clip up and remove the ribbon cable.
+[* black] With a metal spudger, pry apart the bottom cover working around the edges.
+[* icon_note] While separating the halves of the bottom cover, carefully move the spudger up and down to avoid damaging the USB/Audio circuit board cable inside.
+[* red] With tweezers, disconnect the USB/Audio circuit board cable.
+[* black] Remove the bottom cover

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