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[title] Reassembling the Heater - Part I
[* icon_note] It's time to test our work. Before fully reassembling the Heater.
[* black] STEP 1 - Plug the cables back in carefully.
[* black] STEP 2 - with the Heater standing upright, position the Circuit Board upright as well; if you have to adjust the cable so it will stay do so, or even tape it temporarily works to.
[* icon_note] Be Advised if the Circuit Board is not upright you will get a blinking green decimal on the panel. This means that the trip sensor is activated since the sensor is in this Circuit Board.
[* black] Once everything is in place, plug the heater in, which should have been near a circuit before starting.
[* icon_note] You should hear a click sound which is the thermostat, and then no more beeps! Try out your panel buttons they should all work and be silent.

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