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[* black] Before venturing inside, we take a quick survey of some of the the new Air's external features.
[* black] On its underbelly we find some fine print, and some color-matched pentalobe screws.
[* icon_note] Looks like we've got some new numbers! Model A1932 and EMC 3184.
[* black] Opening it up, we're greeted with a [https://ifixit.org/blog/10279/apple-macbook-keyboard-cover-up/|familiar|new_window=true] 3rd-gen butterfly keyboard, and we immediately have MacBook Pro flashbacks.
[* black] The Air bears a remarkable resemblance to the [guide|72415|Touch Bar-less 13" MacBook Pro|new_window=true]—apart from thickness and Touch ID, they are nigh indistinguishable.
[* black] ...and despite the "Air" nomenclature, this makes the [guide|39841|12" MacBook|new_window=true] look like a lightweight by comparison.