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+[title] Troubleshooting
+[* black] If you've already checked different cords for your controller then you are probably already suspecting something wrong with the USB port on your controller.
+[* black] Using a voltmeter set to check continuity, check each pin inside the female USB connector with it's corresponding gold contact on the board.
+[* black] On the board with the connector facing away from you, the 4 gold contacts are to the right of the connector labeled V, G, D+, and D-. With the connector still faced away from you, the pins for the connector are in order 1-5.
+[* black] Pin 1 = V
+[* black] Pin 2 = D-
+[* black] Pin 3 = D+
+[* black] Pin 4 = G
+[* black] Pin 5 = G

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