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+[* black] If the inside of the connector is damaged, then you will have to replace it. I've had several devices of mine and my kids that have bad connections due to being bent up or down and it never connects right again.
+[* black] Using a heat gun, heat the connector up enough to melt the solder on all the pins and horns that hold it to the board and gently pull it off the board with needle nose pliers.
+[* black] Inspect the board for damage. If any traces on the board are scratched and exposed, you can dab some super glue on them and let it dry.
+[* black] You can install the new connector with a soldering iron with a fine tip or a small heat gun.
+[* black] Check continuity on your new connector as described earlier in step 2 to make sure it will work with a cord plugged in. Check continuity with a cord plugged in as described in step 3.
+[* black] Reassemble following the teardown procedure in reverse. If problems persist after exhausting all known troubleshooting guides for these controllers, it may be an issue with the board itself.
+[* black] I highly recommend a magnetic tip USB cord for these controllers, because it will simply disconnect if yanked or bent at the controller.

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