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[* black] We love devices that let go of their batteries without a second thought, and this Hero fits that bill.
[* black] With the simple press of a button, the back cover is free, allowing access to—what's this—a battery pull tab?
[* black] It's almost as if the folks at GoPro wanted you to be able to take the battery out of your HD Hero3. What a novel idea.
[* black] The Hero3's 3.7 V battery is rated at 1050 mAh/3.85 Wh, a 50 mAh decrease from previous models, presumably due to the device's smaller size.
[* black] As usual, caution labels on the back of the battery warn us not to store the battery in high temperatures, disassemble it, or dispose of it…[http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=V2vpdoMuTQg#t=8s|with fire].
[* black] Thanks for the heads up, GoPro.

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