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[title] Solid State Drive (SSD)/FinalSSD)
[title] Solid State Drive (SSD)/FinalSSD)
[* icon_caution] '''Some SSD's have Linux specific TRIM issues. If the SSD you are considering has known issues, make sure the issue is not fatal in Linux.'''
[* icon_caution] '''The SSD in the picture has [http://bit.ly/2fQNTH4|known issues] in Linux. These issues were never fixed and were blacklisted.'''
[* icon_note] Many Linux distros do not enable TRIM automatically. While the procedure is similar for most distros, referring to distro specific documentation is preferable.
[* black] '''128GB:''' Due to the limited capacity of these drives, these are not good primary drives. These drives should only be used as an OS drive.
[* black] '''256GB:''' While these drives are small, they may be sufficient as a primary drive for users with limited local storage needs. Users with heavy local storage needs may find these drives are only sufficient as OS drives.
[* black] '''512GB:''' While these SSD's are still fairly expensive, the cost has come down dramatically. The main reason for this is MLC flash, which is cheap but comes with a performance penalty.
[* black] '''1TB- >1TB:''' In the consumer space, SSD's that are larger then 512GB are fairly recent. Because of how new these drives are, the $/GB cost is still high. This will come down over time, but most users should wait.