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[title] Solid State Drive (SSD)
[title] Solid State Drive (SSD)
[* icon_caution] Legacy BIOS systems do not address >2TB hard drives correctly. '''This can only be fixed with a UEFI BIOS.'''
[* icon_caution] '''If the SSD you selected has issues in Linux, make sure the problem is fixed. [https://forums.crucial.com/t5/Crucial-SSDs/M500-M5x0-QUEUED-TRIM-data-corruption-alert-mostly-for-Linux/td-p/151028|The SSD shown has known TRIM issues].'''
[* icon_reminder] '''If you install an SSD,''' [http://blog.neutrino.es/2013/howto-properly-activate-trim-for-your-ssd-on-linux-fstrim-lvm-and-dmcrypt/|make sure TRIM is enabled].
[* black] '''128GB:''' Due to the limited capacity of these drives, these are only practical as OS drives.
[* black] '''256GB:''' If your storage needs are limited, these may work as a primary drive. However these are best used as OS drives.
[* black] '''512GB:''' While these are ideal for a primary drive, they are somewhat expensive. However, they have become relatively cheap.
[* black] '''>512GB:''' Since these drives are so new, the $/GB cost is high. Until prices come down, my recommendation is to wait before purchasing these drives.