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[* black] Let’s replace with a new inductor and see how it works.
[* black] Remove black adhesive around first. Then apply some medium-temp solder paste to the bonding pad. Tin the bonding pad with solder paste with the help of the Soldering Iron at 365℃. Once done, clean with PCB Cleaner.
[* black] Continue to apply some rosin to the bonding pad. We can see that the damaged inductor is really small. And the replacement inductor is difficult to find.
[* black] We can solder a zero-ohm resistor instead. Get a zero-ohm resistor in the right position. Solder with Hot Air Gun at 330℃, air flow 1. Clean with PCB Cleaner afterwards.
[* black] Again, let’s run diode mode measurement of Pin 8 on the infrared camera connector. The measured value is 257, which is normal.