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[title] '''TimeTime to take that bad fuel filter out'''out
[title] '''TimeTime to take that bad fuel filter out'''out
[* black] Remove the bolt holding the fuel filter brace in place. Put this bolt somewhere you will not lose.
[* black] On the left side of the fuel filter (The end facing towards the engine), there is a nut you must unscrew.
[* icon_note] ''If your fuel filter hasn't been changed for a long while, it may not come off too easily. If so, use a second wrench to hold the fuel filter in place.''
[* icon_caution] '''Dirt may fall loose from the bottom of the Grand Prix and get into your eyes. Wear something to protect your eyes if necessary!'''
[* black] When the line gets unscrewed, some gas will come out of both the line and the filter. Use something to catch the gas and keep it from getting all over the ground and yourself.