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[* black] '''Putting the new fuel filter on'''
[* black] ''Put the brace on the new filter before going any further.''
[* icon_note] ''Before putting on the new fuel filter, use a rag and clean the gas off of the two fuel lines.''
[* icon_reminder] ''Remember to put the brace on the new fuel filter. Look at the photo to know which direction it should go on.''
[* black] Screw the fuel filter onto the fuel line nearer to the engine. Be sure to make it tight so that no gas will leak.
[* black] Now attach the end with the clip on it. Simple push the fuel line onto the filter end. You will hear a small click when it is all the way on.
[* black] '''Now you must attach the brace onto the frame.'''
[* black] Screw the bolt back in, and the brace is back on.