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[* black] If you're wondering what makes the 11" Air different from its bigger sibling, you're looking right at it.
[* black] The smaller 11.6" LCD has a slightly higher pixel density than the 13" model (135 vs. 128 ppi), but it still nowhere near the Retina display that many were hoping for.
[* red] As with its larger sibling, the refreshed MacBook Air 11" retains the same model number as the 2012 iteration: A1465.
[* black] From the looks of the default icon, it 2013 an Air Odyssey. '' Open the pod bay doors, Apple. ''
[* black] '' I am sorry, iFixit, but I just can't do that. ''
[* black] '' Never mind, we're getting the [product|IF145-072|Pro-tech]. ''
[* icon_note] We're hoping this unit is has a better lifespan than HAL's [http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0062622/quotes|AE35] unit.