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[title] Power Supply
[* black] With a rated output of 12.1 Volts and 37.2 Amps, we're looking at a 450 Watt power supply. The power supply has no dedicated cooling, and relies on the main system fan to keep cool—allowing the Mac Pro to idle at a whisper-quiet 12 dBA.
[* icon_note] For comparison, we found a 450 Watt PSU in our recent [guide|20473|Steam Machine teardown|stepid=56418]. The Steam Machine's SilverStone power supply featured a "silent running 80 mm fan with 18 dBA minimum."
[* black] And a quick look at what's left on the behemoth of a heat sink: Heavy gauge, flat power cables run from the PSU to the logic board and graphics cards, and remain intertwined in the heat sink.