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[* black] With a rated output of 12.1 Volts and 37.2 Amps, we're looking at a 450 Watt power supply. The power supply has no dedicated cooling, and relies on the main system fan to keep cool—allowing the Mac Pro to idle at a whisper-quiet 12 dBA.
[* icon_note] For comparison, we found a 450 Watt PSU in our recent [guide|20473|Steam Machine teardown|stepid=56418]. The Steam Machine's SilverStone power supply featured a "silent running 80 mm fan with 18 dBA minimum."
[* black] And a quick look at what's left on the behemoth of a heat sink: Heavy gauge, flat power cables run from the PSU to the logic board and graphics cards, and remain intertwined in the heat sink.
[* black] '''Warning''': To prevent injury, avoid contact with the bus bars (in photo 2) and the bus bar screws when the computer is plugged in and powered on. The bus bars and the bus bar screws, located at the top of the main boards, have enough energy to cause a burn if they are bridged with metal (such as a ring or other jewelry).