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[* black] Mac Pro Late 2013 Repairability Score: '''8 out of 10''' (10 is easiest to repair)
[* green] For being so compact, the design is surprisingly modular and easy to disassemble. Non-proprietary Torx screws are used throughout, and several components can be replaced indepdently.
[* green] The easily-opened case is designed to make RAM upgrades a snap.
[* green] Fan is easy to access and replace.
[* green] While it will require a bit of digging, the CPU is user replaceable, meaning the repair-intrepid will be able to save considerably by upgrading from the base-level processor configuration.
[* yellow] There is no room or available port for adding your own internal storage. Apple has addressed this with heaps of Thunderbolt, but we'd personally rather use SATA if we could.
[* red] With some proprietary new connectors and tight cable routing, working on this device without a repair manual will be tricky and risky, for a $3000 machine.

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