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Änderungen an Schritt Nr. 19

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-[* black] Fancy headphone gasket isn't enough for waterproofing, apparently.
-[* black] Headphone component blob thing.
+[* black] Here's a rubber gasket to seal up the area around the headphone jack, presumably from water.
+ [* black] Perhaps the Alpha was intended to attain the same waterproof rating as its older brother, but something went awry?
+[* black] The headphone jack's home is a blobular mess of a cable, akin to the iPhone's [guide|22106|front-facing camera and sensor cable]—with the noteworthy exception of the Alpha's front-facing camera living on its own.
+[* black] On the Alpha's cable, we find the headphone jack, earpiece speaker, microphone, volume button switches, and an ambient light sensor.