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[title] Screen Removal
-[* black] Remove the screws bordering the screen using the Phillips #00 screwdriver.
-[* black] Now using the heat gun or hairdryer on high, heat the edges of the screen in order to melt the adhesive holding the screen to the casing of the tablet.
-[* black] Take off the existing screen and un-clip the digitizer from its socket using the spudger.
-[* black] Replace the old screen with the newly ordered one and follow all steps in reverse to get the tablet in working order again.
+[* black] Remove the screws bordering the screen (Marked Red) using the Phillips #00 screwdriver. The screws holding the dock connector, the dock fixing points and the motherboard do not need to be removed. The screws attaching the digitizer board (left) ***do*** need to be removed, as do two screws accessed through holes in the motherboard.
+[* black] Disconnect the digitizer cable.
+ [* black] The two connectors on the digitizer cable release by levering up the beige tabs on the back of the sockets. You may need to peel off the black foam blocks in order to remove the cable.
+[* black] Remove the black tape (marked with yellow in the second image).
+[* black] Lift up the digitzer control board and peel of the grounding tape from the underside of the SD card socket.
+[* black] Disconnect the lvds connector from the screen (top left of the pictures). Peel the clear tape from the housing, and gently lever the connector out using the metal shoulders on each side of the plug.
+[* black] Lift the tablet away from the screen assembly. The only thing still attaching it should be a small amount of grounding tape under the headphone socket (marked with purple on the second image.)

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