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[* black] There are three relays on the circuit board. K6 is an OMRON G5LE-1-VD, 12 VDC, and rated to switch 10A at 250 VAC. K1 and K4 are both OMRON G2RL-1A-E, 12VDC, and rated to switch 16A at 250 VAC.
[* black] K1 appears to control the door lock solenoid. I didn't bother to find out what the other two do, I just cleaned them all anyway.
[* black] Unsolder one relay at a time from the circuit board, clean it or replace it, then solder it back in position.
[* black] To unsolder a relay, start by heating the solder at one end of the relay, and gently pull the relay's plastic package with a finger on the hand holding the circuit board. Use solder wick to remove excess solder. After making progress at one end, switch to desoldering the contacts at the other end of the relay in the same fashion.
[* black] It may take several back and forth heating and desoldering cycles before the relay is free. You need patience. Don't try to melt all the solder at once, and don't overheat the pins for a long period of time.
[* black] To clean a relay, open its plastic case. Dress the relay contacts with a small piece of folded-in-half 400 grit sandpaper. Blow out the dust and grit. Replace the plastic case on the relay.
[* black] Solder the relay back onto the circuit board, and repeat with the next relay until all relays are cleaned and/or replaced.