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[title] Use an Opening Pick to Pry Off the Screen
[* icon_caution] MAKE SURE you have thoroughly heated the adhesive before attempting to pry the screen off.
[* icon_caution] Do not press on the back of the phone while attempting to lift the screen. This will create cracks in the glass.
[* icon_caution] At the bottom of the touch screen, under the menu buttons, there are connections that can be easily broken. When taking the adhesive of the bottom section be very careful and make sure to work slowly.
[* black] Slide opening pick around perimeter of glass, making sure not to push edge too far under the screen.
-[* black] Gently pry the screen up and lift off.
- [* icon_note] When removing the screen make sure to lift the top of the screen only, as not to break the button connections on the bottom of the phone.

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