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Änderungen an Schritt Nr. 3

Bearbeitet von Joeny Zhen -

Bearbeitung genehmigt von Joeny Zhen



-[* black] With the stripped-wire ends close to each other and firmly in place, hover over it with the soldering iron and solder, and properly melt the solder onto the stripped-wire ends.
-[* black] To rotate the wire when trying to solder the connection completely, simply rotate the clamps to your desiring.
-[* black] Do not heat the wires too long as the heat will transfer throughout the wire and solder, and it will separate the connections.
+[* black] With the splayed wires folded together, solder accordingly.
+[* black] Ensure to solder the connection completely, not one area.
+[* black] Try not to put too much solder on the connection as it will add more resistance.