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+[* black] Use the 14 mm socket wrench to loosen the oil drain plug. After a few turns, use your hands to loosen the plug until it is off.
+[* icon_caution] Oil contents may be hot if car has been running recently!
+[* black] Allow oil to completely drain into pan.
+[* icon_note] Look for small, shiny specks in the oil. The specks could be metal flakes from the engine and may be a sign of a serious problem with the engine. Take car in for maintenance if you see these shiny specks.
+[* black] After oil has drained, screw oil drain plug back onto car. Hand tighten as much as much and use 14 mm socket wrench to tighten about a half turn more.
+[* icon_caution] Do not overtighten! This could lead to cracking the oil pan.