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Änderungen an Schritt Nr. 10

Bearbeitet von Andrew Optimus Goldheart -

Bearbeitung genehmigt von Andrew Optimus Goldheart



[* black] Our iOpener [https://38.media.tumblr.com/a0e0e6ed80d0c761cde8041713b3f376/tumblr_nakesdskG21s01qkyo1_500.gif|tags in|new_window=true] to help dispatch the P-OLED display.
+[* icon_note] This incredibly thin display appears to be made up of several layers, that need to be peeled up off the back of the glass in order to remove the glass.
[* black] As we peel up the display a strange, [https://youtu.be/N14Y81L4IXE|stretchy|new_window=true] membrane sticks to the back of the digitizer.
- [* icon_note] We're not sure if this is a light adhesive or the topmost layer of the P-OLED.
+ [* icon_note] This membrane is definitely serving as an adhesive between the display and the digitizer, but may also serve some higher purpose as a [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thin_film|thin film|new_window=true].