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Änderungen an Schritt Nr. 13

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-[* black] We put our curved blade to work, and carve out the display glass.
- [* icon_note] The curved blade, we recently learned, is the master watchmaker's closest friend. We are beginning to appreciate its many talents.
+[* black] We put our curved blade to work, and pop out the display glass.
[* black] The glass floats away intact, in all its perfect circularness, and the last layer of the display—which looks like a polarizing film—peels off, leaving behind some gooey optically clear adhesive (OCA) residue.
[* black] Unfortunately, it seems like the procedure we just endured is the only way to replace a cracked screen—the display and digitizer are adhered to the back of the glass ''after'' it is installed in the watch body.
[* icon_note] That means to replace a cracked glass you'll have to remove all of the pieces of the display, install a new glass front, and then adhere a new OLED display to the back of the glass with OCA.