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[title] Print Head is now ready for cleaning
[* black] How to clean with paper towel
[* black] Tear a single sheet of paper towel in half. Fold the sheet in half several times until it is about 1/2 inch
[* black] Put the print head on top of the paper towel and put a few drops of distilled water for at least 15 minutes. This will soften the ink on the printhead.
[* black] Move print head assembly back to its resting position. You will probably notice that the paper towel now has one big black blob of ink on it. (There is so much excess ink on the print head that all the colors are mixing to make black.)
[* black] If you cannot clearly see individual colors, then dampen another spot on the paper towel and move the print head back over the newly dampened spot on the paper towel. Continue repeating this until you see all the individual colors.
[* black] *note: when reassembling be certain to move the print head back to its resting position (the extreme right side above the park carriage)