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Änderungen an Schritt Nr. 2

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[* black] This ambient light sensor will change colors based on what state the OnHub is in. Blue means you're ready to begin setup. [guide|13470|Orange] is for, “Oh snap, something is wrong." Green means you’re good to go!
[* black] Before we rip open this router, let’s take a minute to ogle the OnHub’s fancy LED halo. No annoying blinky lights here.
[* black] We also spy a small cutaway on the bottom of the cowling for the cabling.
[* black] We're skeptical to whether its actually possible to fully populate these ports without having to smash some cables down to get the cowling back on. Even the power plug alone created some resistance as we replaced the cowling. With two extra ethernet cables and a USB this could quickly become difficult to manage.