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[* black] We turn our attention back to what we thought was a solid top, it turns out this was the way in all along.
[* icon_note] We really wish this thing came with a repair manual—this cap ''should'' have been the first to go.
[* black] We successfully get the top off this can ~~of worms~~, and the first component we spy is the LED board with some control hardware:
[* red] National Semiconductor [http://datasheet.octopart.com/LP5523TM/NOPB-National-Semiconductor-datasheet-10100337.pdf|LP5523|new_window=true] Programmable 9-Output LED Driver
[* orange] Ambient light sensor
[* black] Stacked beneath the light ring, we find the highly anticipated congestion-sensing antenna and radio. But we can't get it out just yet...

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