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Änderungen an Schritt Nr. 24

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[* black] This is Pleo. Like every life form, he is tremendously complex. We left most of the gearboxes intact, and we still have dozens of components.
[* black] While we didn't break anything, we're not so sure we can put humpty-pleo back together again. We were pretty attached to him, so we may have to get another one.
[* black] We have a tremendous amount of respect for the engineering team at Ugobe. We've met them briefly a few times, and they are very eager to push the envelope in human-machine interaction. The cute, friendly exterior of Pleo belies the tremendous complexity required to attain it. Pleo is a surprisingly flexible technology platform, and we're excited to see what third-party programmers can do with it once Ugobe releases their SDK.
[* black] We are very excited to see what the creators of Pleo give birth to next!
[* black] And no, we're probably not going to sell Pleo parts. Unless we get a lot of requests...

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