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[* black] That's a pin— the Kindle Fire certainly has a weight advantage in wrestling. A half ounce, to be precise.
[* black] Hold that pose, fellas. Yep, just what we thought: the rounded sides of the Nook are deceptive. Even though it looks skinnier than the Fire, it's actually a hair pudgier. The Fire measures in at .45", but the Nook is .03 inches thicker, at a mind-blowing .48"!
[* black] The Nook opted to have its micro-USB port fly solo on the bottom, unlike the Fire, which also placed its catch-all button and head phone jack alongside the port.
[* black] Scanning the sides of the Nook, we are able to locate the headphone jack at the top as well as volume buttons on the side… where's yours, Fire?

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