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[* black] The primary internals of the Galaxy Nexus are held on two L-shaped boards. The small board on the left holds the vibrator motor and several connections. The large board on the right is the motherboard, which houses the volume buttons, SIM slot and the following chips:
[* red] Texas Instruments TWL6040 8-Channel High Quality Low-Power Audio Codec
[* orange] Texas Instruments TWL6030 Fully Integrated Power Management with Switch Mode Charger
[* yellow] Invensense MPU-3050 Motion Processing Unit
[* green] RFMD RF6260 Quad-band Multimode Power Amplifier Module
[* blue] Samsung KMVYL000LM 128 Gb NAND Flash and 512 MB SDRAM
[* violet] Samsung K3PE7E700M 512 MB DDR2 SDRAM
[* black] Samsung SWB-B42 BT 4.0 Dual Band Wlan FM Tx/Rx