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[* black] The chip labeled as 274 U141 031 hides the Bosch [http://www.bosch-sensortec.de/content/language1/html/3477.htm|BMP180] MEMS Pressure Sensor, which should be responsible for the "[http://www.google.com/nexus/#/tech-specs|Barometer]" feature inside the Nexus.
[* icon_note] The Bosch BMP180 is identified by its markings [link|http://chipworks.force.com/catalog/ProductDetails?sku=BOS-BMP180-0273300244&viewState=DetailView&cartID=&g=|CMD 173] as noted by our friends at Chipworks.
[* black] Check out the ''wire bonds'' on the [http://guide-images.ifixit.net/igi/bUVGjthL1UNuOSKM|third image]. This is a very, very small chip.
[* black] Just how small is it? Well, here's how a [http://guide-images.ifixit.net/igi/GfUgZyP366cWqedl.huge|U.S. dime looks like] next to the chip (indicated by red arrow)