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[title] Understanding a T-test
[* black] PerformingPerform a Sample T-test on SPSS
[* black] PerformingPerform a Sample T-test on SPSS
[* black] '''Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS)''': a software system used in analysis of data.
[* black] '''Sample T-tes'''t: Examines the evidence that the dependent variable is influenced in a meaningful way by the independent variable; if it is, then it is statistically significant
[* black] '''When to use it''': You would use a sample t-test when you want to know whether a sample comes from a particular population, but the full population information is not available to us.
[* black] '''Sample''': part of a population that is a reasonable size to be analyzed i (i.e. a set of 1,000 people given a survey out of a population of 200,000).
[* black] '''Population''': the overall group of people that a sample is taken from; it can’t be represented directly, but instead is represented indirectly through analysis of a sample.
[* black] '''Variables''': an element, feature, or factor that is liable to vary or change. '''Dependant Variable''': The variable that is measured and affected by the independent variable '''Independent Variable''': This variable varies from each statistical test and influences the dependent variable.