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[title] Understanding the Results Continued
[* black] The second chart is the t-test:
[* icon_note] This chart will be helpful to determine whether the results are statistically significant.
[* black] The first column is the t score of the data.
[* black] The second column is the degrees of freedom.
[* black] '''Degrees of Freedom''': the freedom given to the data to factor in other contributing variables represented by n-1.
[* black] The third column is the sig value of the data.
[* black] '''P-value / sig'''.: The number that says where on a standard bell curve a value needs to be in order to be statistically significant [ex.: p-value of .05 means that a value must be outside the middle 95% of a bell curve to be statistically significant] (if we use this, we should probably have an image with it)
[* black] The final columns are the ranges inside the confidence intervals.
[* black] '''Confidence Interval Range''': an interval that consist of a range of values that are likely to have the unknown parameter.