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[title] Testing and further adjustments
[* black] Now to test. Re-assemble your console but don't put any screws back but those needed for the ground springs near the memory card slots.
[* icon_caution] The memory card ground springs MUST be put back on prior to restarting your console!
[* black] If any further adjustments are necessary just turn the potensiometer no more than 1 or 2 degrees more per readjustment. Eventually you'll start to see less DRE messages.
[* icon_note] Once you get no more DRE messages, turn the potensiometer a further 1-2 degrees to "future-proof" your lens from DRE messages in the future.
[* black] If you've had to turn the potensiometer any more than 100 degrees in total then your DRE messages probably stem from a faulty lens or optical drive motor if the discs don't even spin.

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