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[* black] That's right folks, ten steps in and the battery is finally disconnected!
[* black] The Laptop packs a 45.2 Wh battery, roughly the same capacity as the latest [guide|92362|Surface Pro|stepid=173122|new_window=true] (45 Wh), and more than both [guide|92534|iPad Pro 10.5"|stepid=172878] (31 wh) and latest [guide|92172|MacBook Retina|stepid=172320|new_window=true] 41 Wh).
[* black] Also visible in the rear case, a secondary heat pipe stuck to the rear case, helping dissipate heat from both sides of the motherboard.
[* black] The modular headphone jack, not charged with any crime, is free to go, contacts and all.
[* black] No Surface product is complete without a hinge, but these feel a little pedestrian compared to the [guide|74448|other|stepid=150845|new_window=true] offerings. And with that, the display is unhinged.