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[title] More grind adjuster alignment
[* black] With the upper-burr-holder all the way down, reverse direction on the grind-adjuster and rotate through 50% to 75% of a rotation.
[* black] Stop when the stop-screw is right above the plastic stop shown in the first picture.
[* black] The lip should be about the height shown in the first and second pic. That's critical for your grind to match up with the labeling on the chrome-adjustment wheel after this is all done.
[* black] Compare the lip height with the photo you took in Step 11. Make sure the gap looks the same.
[* black] Screw the stop-screw back in.
[* black] '''++Optional Modification++''': If you desire a finer grind capability than normal, mark the original stop-screw hole, and then move the stop-screw a few holes ''clockwise''. Then rotate the upper-burr-holder counter-clockwise till the screw hits the stop again. ++Make extra sure the burrs do not touch if you do this!++