Rüste die RAM Module auf, um erheblich an Geschwindigkeit zu gewinnen.

  1. Löse die drei Kreuzschlitzschrauben, mit denen die Abdeckung auf der unteren Seite des iMac befestigt ist.
    • Löse die drei Kreuzschlitzschrauben, mit denen die Abdeckung auf der unteren Seite des iMac befestigt ist.

    • Die Schrauben bleiben in der Abdeckung stecken und lassen sich nicht komplett aus der Abdeckung entnehmen.

    • Entferne die Abdeckung des iMacs.

    • Beim Wiederzusammenbau die Abdeckung lose einsetzen und mit den Außenseiten in das Gehäuse des iMac einrasten, bevor die Schrauben fest angezogen werden.

    I am going to put a very important comment here. Before you start this process listen to the fans on your iMac do any of them sound obviously loud (think about how quiet your iMac used to sound as a reference) If you notice one or more of them sounding substantially loud compared to the others consider locating a replacement fan prior starting this process. After all if you are already “in the neighborhood” it is a shame to do all this work only to have to disassemble your imac a couple weeks later because you realize the fan is failing. I speak from my own personal learning experience of having to disassembly my iMac 3 weeks later because the HDD was failing and apparently the moving the fan around was just enough to push it to start really under performing.

    Wizbang FL - Antwort

    I’m not sure why it is necessary to remove the RAM. As far as I can tell, it can remain in place during this procedure.

    gordonhamachi - Antwort

  2. Schiebe mit den Fingern oder der Spudgerspitze die schwarze Zuglasche aus Plastik für die RAM Aufnahme aus der schmalen RAM Öffnung.
    • Schiebe mit den Fingern oder der Spudgerspitze die schwarze Zuglasche aus Plastik für die RAM Aufnahme aus der schmalen RAM Öffnung.

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    • Ziehe die schwarze Lasche aus dem iMac heraus, um die RAM Chip aus ihrem Anschluss auszuwerfen.

      • Die RAM Module sitzen oft sehr fest und du musst relativ kräftig ziehen.

    • Schiebe den RAM Chip mit den Fingern aus seinem Anschluss.

    • Wiederhole diese Schritte falls nötig für das (die) andere(n) RAM Modul(e).

    How many 4MB cards can I install?

    nowsc - Antwort

    None. 4mb ram is too old to fit into any computer manufactured after like 1998.

    Brett Davison - Antwort


    I suggest that you learn your unit symbols before you try to appear clever:

    4mb == 4 milli bits

    4MB == 4 mega bytes

    nowsc was obviously meaning 4GB not 4MB, try not to be a dick.

    Simon - Antwort

    Take care to note which way out the RAM comes - there is a notch in each RAM and it is not centered, therefore either the notch will be on the left or to the right (depending on which way up you have your iMac). This will make it easier to replace the RAM without damaging anything.

    Mike Haines - Antwort

    If damaged the notch inside one pair of RAM slots, is it fixable ?

    Gavriil Bordyukov - Antwort


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Super easy! I'm not exactly an experienced fixer, but this replacement took no effort at all. (I also replaced the battery of my iphone 4S: that was much much much harder)

Tessa - Antwort

My wife's ageing iMac currently has 4x2GB, and it is creaking under even light use (on Mavericks... haven't dared upgrade any further yet).

I want to initially upgrade it to 2x8GB, which seems nice and easy. My question is is it then possible to add one more 8GB for a total of 24GB, or would I need to add 2x8GB for a total of 32GB? Will the iMac see and use 3 RAM modules, or does it need to be an even number, like in the old PC days?


Clive Murray - Antwort

Maximum memory: 16384MB. See crucial for more information :


Frederic Morelli -

Easy mode. Note that the bits is called PZ1 most screwdriver sets. Also known as Japanese Phillips, the bid comes to a + instead of to a point. A 2.0 flathead will also turn the screw.

Oh and, don't forget to check your black flats back in. Otherwise you'll get too funny little appendages sticking out the bottom when you reattach your access door :)

Kevin McCartney - Antwort


* firstly you may have to pull twice on the tab to release both RAMs as sometimes the first slot gets a little stuck.

* secondly - I've been having some trouble with different RAM chips - can anyone please tell me the definitive answer for how much RAM each slot will take, and what speed and latency? My iMac seems "finicky" about brands too!!!

Mike Haines - Antwort

I get that theres a 16G max.

Can I mix chips of different size?

Example 1: 2X2G + 2X4G

Example 2: 2X2G + 1X8G +1X4G

I'm trying to figure if I can just add to existing memory or if I should just bite the bullet and install all new.

Also should I worry about matching the brand of chips?


luis - Antwort

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