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In our latest repair guide, we show you how to replace the iPhone 11 screen.

Recommended Tools: Pentalobe screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, Y-Type screwdriver, pick, suction cup, spatula, tweezers and spudger. You also need a heat gun because the display is glued on.



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I’m surprised that you allowed this video after they called your tool ‘low quality’. They also talk about buying their parts and tools.

Todd L - Antwort

Yeah, except it's a little bold, what do you think of the repair guide?

We think competition is good for business. We try to produce the best repair manuals and sell only high quality tools and spare parts. Maybe this will push iFixit a little bit further.

JaL -

Good video but they forgot the number 1 rule , disconnect the battery after disconnecting the screen! The battery is first thing to get unplugged and last thing to get plugged in, after the screen has been connected , otherwise you risk destroying the backlight / shorting out the device .

Rob Preston - Antwort

@jal14 How can you publish a guide where it does not show how to disconnect the battery before handling?

I have not yet repaired an iPhone 11, but this is the main rule of any repair that involves electricity.

I am totally wrong and in this model you should not do it?

Oscar - Antwort

Hello Oscar, the flex cables of the display are so close to the cover plate of the battery that there is a danger of damaging the flex cable. Therefore, in this case we decided not to disconnect the battery beforehand. Since there is no 3D Touch any more, we assume that the danger of a short circuit is not so high anymore.

JaL -

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