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This guide requires specialized equipment and microsoldering knowledge.


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    • In this guide I will show you how to replace damaged diode which caused no backlight in the phone.


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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Jimmy Mayne

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Uhhh….. Thanks for taking the time to make the video. However it isn’t as helpful as I was hoping it would be. I do appreciate you wanting to help others. I wish more would do the same. However there are two issues but they are big ones.

#1. I don’t know what you used to record the video but it sure wasn’t as good as the phone you were repairing. This would be completely understandable 10 years ago but today clear hi-def and even ultra hi def video are uploaded by millions every day.

#2. There is not enough light. Not only is the room poorly lit (which is why TV news teams hire guys just to carry lights on the end of long poles so you can see the reporter at night) What lighting you do have is completely blocked out from the shadow of your hands and arms. So much you cant really see anything.

Just get a better camera and have brighter light coming from a direction not blocked by your hands and it would be an excellent video that could help anyone instead of frustrate

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