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本指南只能修复以下情况:你的iPhone X后置摄像头的玻璃镜头坏了,但你仍然可以拍摄和拍照。



  1. 如果镜头玻璃碎了,那么从镜头模块的位置移除任何破碎的玻璃残骸。 一旦取下相机镜头区域周围的碎玻璃,请确保镜头区域的边缘也是干净的。
    • 如果镜头玻璃碎了,那么从镜头模块的位置移除任何破碎的玻璃残骸。

    • 一旦取下相机镜头区域周围的碎玻璃,请确保镜头区域的边缘也是干净的。

  2. 安装新的iPhone X后置摄像头玻璃,如果需要的话在相机的两侧使用两滴透明强力胶。 使用精密镊子(或类似的东西)将替换相机镜头放置在相机镜头区域。
    • 安装新的iPhone X后置摄像头玻璃,如果需要的话在相机的两侧使用两滴透明强力胶

    • 使用精密镊子(或类似的东西)将替换相机镜头放置在相机镜头区域。

    • 做这件事的时候千万要小心!相信我你不会想在粘歪之后不得不清理透明强力胶然后再来一次的。

  3. 轻轻的施加压力,使得镜头玻璃粘在镜头模块上。
    • 轻轻的施加压力,使得镜头玻璃粘在镜头模块上。

    • 此时你可以通过手机拍照或者摄像来测试镜头玻璃是否干净。

    I actually took my phone apart to take out the camera so I didn't scratch it while I repaired it, after the first time you do it it's fairly easy. The most difficult part is just getting the phone open. I recommend alot of heat if you're using a hair dryer or normally if not and don't be afraid to kind of go at it and not be so extremely gentle. Then after I got the camera out I just broke out the camera glass with a razor blade no heat, it takes a bit of time but it is easy. JUST MAKE SURE that you don't break a little glass piece that covers where the flashlight LED is, it is important so either just push it out from the outside to the inside or leave it be and not break it off. I did use the adhesive but I would never purposely dunk my phone in water anymore because I don't trust my waterproofing like I did with the original apple that they have it certified that way. PS theres plenty of YouTube videos on how to do this.

    Red - Antwort

    This is one of the most difficult repairs on the iPhone X that I have ever undertaken. I think it is very disingenuous for the rating to be easy. It took 70 minutes to Cary out and although I am not a professional at these repairs I think that the repair should be revisited and revised with more detailed descriptions. I am a big fan of iFixit and feel let down so no points to the engineer.

    Ian Fraser - Antwort

    iFixit is an “open source” website: everybody can make a guide for anything, so the quality might not always be as high as we hope. but anyone can modify, update and change any guide, or at least submit those things. and there are guides that are made by iFixit staff iself, that aree the one with the higher standard and only the official staff can modify or accept modification for those.

    Daniele Carminati -


恭喜!你已经成功更换了你的iPhone X上的相机玻璃。用超细纤维布擦干净它,你就又能像往常一样拍照了。

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It was great to see…

Hizbur Rahman - Antwort

It is not that easy because of the tough adhesive. it is impossible to remove the glass without heating it, but be careful the camera lenses got damage of to intensive heat. Better remove the camera before tiny pieces of glass could harm the functionality.

BSlash - Antwort

Will the device still be waterproof after this repair? (provided the repair is done correctly)

George Downs - Antwort


Pour information : les iPhone ne sont pas étanches ! Même si les publicités laissent penser le contraire, il faut savoir que les iPhone ne sont pas étanches, pour preuve : il suffit de lire les conditions de garantie de chez Apple qui stipulent bien : “La présente Garantie ne s’applique pas : ... aux dommages causés par un accident,... une exposition à un liquide, au feu, à un tremblement de terre ... “

Donc, que ce soit après une réparation ou avant la réparation, votre iPhone n’est pas étanche, les différents joints “d’étanchéité” présents dans l’iPhone le protège principalement des poussières fines et des petites projections de liquide (genre : micro gouttelettes d’eau) .

Vous pouvez trouver ces joints sur cPix.fr ainsi que les pièces détachées et les outils pour réparer votre iPhone X

Mais n’oubliez pas, il n’est pas étanche ;-)

cPix - Antwort

This is the worst repair guide on this website. . Not enough information on this guide to properly do the repair

berningchase - Antwort

J'ai changée ma lentille mais a plus 1m ou dans une zone peu éclairer mais photo deviennent floues

Julienne Compaore - Antwort

The iPhone X Replacement Lens Glass Replacement I purchase from iFixIt included the silver camera bezel with the glass. I did not realize, so now I have an iPhone with exposed cameras. I cannot find a solution as to how to remove the old bezel from the phone or the new one from the glass.

Elias Nikitchyuk - Antwort

I tried removing the bezel from the new part with a heat gun and pressure from a Q-tip and I broke the glass.

Elias Nikitchyuk -

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