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MacBook Pro Power Button Fix

Hi I apologize if this has already been answered, but I couldn't find it on this website. I bought a water damaged Macbook Pro 13 inch Mid 2010 from Ebay.I was able to start it through the power pads on logic board perfectly. Oddly though every single key on the keyboard worked and the trackpad also woks. The only thing that does not work is the power button. I have opened it up, cleaned underneath keyboard and logic board. The liquid indicators did not indicate any damage. I assume it was a very small spill on side of keyboard with power button. Put it back together and it will still start normally with power pads ( actually will only boost past apple logo sometimes... but I assume this is a hardrive issue because I'm using a HD from an old Macbook and I'm already replacing it with an SSD). It is my understanding that if the trackpad works, so should the power button. I can't do traditional PRAM or SMC resets without the use of the power button although I've tried.

My question is is there a way to do a hard SMC reset on the logic board ( like on older macbooks)? Or a way to fix power button. I know I should probably buy a new top case but, it seems like it may be an SMC issue and I'd like to try that first.


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http://db.tt/lXy8z3GJ. Right above the keyboard flex ribbon cable to the right of the trackpad connector. Use tweezers or paper clip to connect between two pins. Be careful!

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Keep in mind I have a mid 2010 MacBook Pro, your 2011 may be different, but it shouldn't be much different.


Thanks, can you please take a look at mine,


Is the silver square with 4 small square at its left and right?


Should be the 4 pins right above keyboard ribbon



i have the exact same problem

i can turn the mac on by taking of the lower case, and then unplug the battery and then plug it in again.

is it possible to replace the power button, or is the only solution to replace the upper case?



You can buy a keyboard+ backlight combo on Ebay and replace that only ....it replaces power button. However the 2010 models are a toss up. I was never able to get my water damaged 2010 MacBook Pro to boot with the power button. I got a water damaged 2009 MacBook Pro and was able to jumpstart it and then use power button. So, no guarantees. But replacing keyboard is a cheaper option. If you have a Phillips #00 that is. There are over 20 screws on the keyboard. Depending on your skill level, maybe try the keyboard replacement. Otherwise, get a top case plus keyboard / backlight/ trackpad and maybe hd cable . A reasonable price would be around $ 150 for that


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