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Mid 2010 Modell A1278 / 2,4 oder 2,66 GHz Core 2 Duo Prozessor

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Is there a way to do a manual SMC reset?

Bought liquid damaged MacBook Pro from eBay worked fine when hard started. But power button didn't work. Yesterday I finally replaced keyboard/backlight/ and power button. Keyboard and backlight work great but power button is still unresponsive and I still have to hard start the computer. Pretty sure it's an SMC problem ( trackpad will click not scroll, fans running at high speed). Which I can't reset without a power button to my knowledge. On earlier MacBooks there were spots on the logic board where you could reset the SMC. Unable to find one on this model . I have tried draining the battery disconnecting it and holding power button for 5 seconds then plugging into AC power to bypass SMC ( battery disconnected) with no luck. Also have reset pram erased entire hard disk and reinstalled lion. Is there a terminal command to reset SMC or a spot on the logic board? Or is this just unfixable and i just have to basically leave my computer on always.

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Thanks machead3 I was doing that but it still did not work. I was able to start the computer by putting pressure on camera cable pad and then starting with power button. This in turn caused a kernel panel and which afterwards I was able to turn on using power button and I think do a SMC reset. Now my wifi is intermittent so I assume a camera cable connection problem now. Thanks for your reply.


You said that on earlier MacBooks there were spots on the logic board where SMC could be reset. I'll appreciate if you can tell me where to find them.

Thanks a lot


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As a work around try using System Preferences:Energy Saver->Schedule to turn on the computer.

Fans running at high speed might be damaged sensors, a hot CPU Use the AHT (Apple Hardware Test) (command-D boot) for that machine may give you a clearer understanding of what problems exist.

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It is possible through the rEFIt command prompt.

Follow the instructions in the linked thread, but only perform this command:

SmcFlasher.efi -reset 1


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Hi Christian I followed all the procedure but I get the error when I prompt SmcFlasher.efi -reset1

This is the error I get:

Have shell so using text mode.

Error: invalid option 2 '1'

SmcUtil: version '1.1.12' usage

Status error 0x8000000000000002

fs1:\Users\jamback\Desktop> _


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