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iMac G4 17" 1.25 GHz Model M9168LLA PowerMac 6,1 introduced in 2003.

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Tried open firmware password reset shown here & doesn't work, ideas?

The answer here was under "How do I reset the open firmware password on my Mac?"

I think I've done exactly as the instructions said, but maybe I missed a step?

I have pulled the easy to access RAM from the base of the iMac and zapped the PRAM, but can't get past the lock and arrow icons. The Command-Option-PR PRAM set doesn't do anything - no chimes as is usual. Clicking the Option key thereafter just takes me back to the dreaded lock and arrow. I mistakenly set my startup to NetBoot and now can't get it back to restart from the hard drive... help! The CD drive isn't working correctly either so holding down the D key doesn't get me anywhere either.


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Do you mean the RAM on the motherboard rather than the RAM I removed? Removing the RAM as I did above doesn't give me the chimes as I said, or flashes on the mouse light or any other indicator that it has done anything.

The problem started when I was trying to install new system software and mistakenly hit the "Network Startup" instead of the disk icon. Would getting a Netboot from somewhere solve the problem? Or at least let me boot up this computer? We bought it used and while I have a call in to the original owner I haven't been able to get the password from him.


I pulled out the RAM on the motherboard just now and tried to reboot with none in and it gave me a solid booop, but no chimes. Then I put the RAM back in, held down the command-option-p-r keys and it chimed once then went right to the netboot symbol, not past it. Turned it off, then held down the option key and turned it back on. Same lock and arrow symbol.


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1) Add or remove the number of DIMMs to change the total amount of RAM in the computer.

2) Then, the PRAM must be reset 3 times. (Command + Option + P + R) by continually holding the keys down until you hear the "bong" 3x

3) Allow normal boot process to proceed.

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If you only have one RAM chip you have to buy a second one, the machine will not boot without RAM and not changing the RAM (simply removing or moving it around) won't rest the firmware.


Okay. I don't have another 512 chip. Would a 256 work?


yes the EFI just needs to detect the change.


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