Can't get upper case to work

I have a 2008 MacBook Pro, A1260 I believe. Last three digits of the serial # are YJZ. The computer had anissue where it would sometimes shut down by itself, though it wouldn't if the iSight camera was ledt unplugged. I removed the logic board and carefully cleaned it with a contact cleaner. Then it ran fine without ever shutting down. Except the problem NOW is that the upper case won't work. The power button works, but the mouse and keyboard will not. I've tried everything I can think of. I've checked the cables to the upper case, they seem fine. I've reset the PRAM and SMC using an external keyboard. Unplugged everything that wasn't necessary, including the battery. I even tried an upper case that worked on the same model of another Macbook. Still didn't work. It doesn't seem like it's the upper case, but the connector on the logic board isn't damaged at all. What else can I try?? Thanks

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Please help, someone, anyone! I could really use some advise!


Hi, i would say that the issue is with the keyboard/trackpad cable connector as it didn't work when you replaced the upper case with a working one.


Make sure the cleaner you used did not have any oil in it!


The contact cleaner was somewhat oily, I think. I just cleaned the trackpad connectors with rubbing alcohol and let them dry, still no joy. Should I try a different cleaner for them?


Sorry to hear you had used a lubricating contact cleaner. Try finding a non-lubricating cleaner to respray and you'll likely need to use more to get all of the oil out. Otherwise it's time for a new upper case.


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