MBP does not boot despite the chime and white screen

I try to fix a macbook pro A1278 2.4GHz. When starting it you can hear the chime, the screen gets white/grey. Nothing else happens. You have to push the start button for 5 seconds if you want to switch it off.

The keys do not cause any reaction. Except the start button.

What i have been trying until now:

  • Several resets, pram and so on
  • safe mode
  • single mode
  • verbose mode
  • changed the ram
  • changed the HDD Lion and Sow L
  • target mode
  • recovery mode
  • dvd-boot
  • aht-boot
  • pushing trackpad-button to eject the dvd
  • external keyboard / mouse

Nothing happens. But there is the chime and the bright screen. Has anybody got any idea? That would be great.

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Changing the logicboard has finally solved the Problem.


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