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Dritte iPad Generation mit Wi-Fi, Modellnummer A1416, erhältlich seit dem 16. März 2012. Die Reparatur erfordert Hitzezufuhr und vorsichtiges Hebeln.

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iPad Digitizer Replacement and Repair Problem


I am repairing an iPad 3 digitizer.

After removing the broken digitizer, I was testing the new parts and all was well at that time.

Don't ask me how, but I almost dropped the unit during this testing phase. No adhesive was applied, and it basically fell into the three pieces while turned on.

The LCD display cable came unplugged while the unit was powered on.

At this point, the device does not display anything at all now.

How do I determine if it is the display or the logic board that has failed?

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Hey Vince,

After you plug or unplug the LCD while your iPAd is on you need to perform hard reset by holding power and home button down until you see apple logo appear on the screen.

Of course this will only work if you did not damage any of the flex cables or connectors.

Hope this will help.

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I had tried the hard reset first, but after reading your post, I went back and tried it once more.

The device powered on and is functioning.



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