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Repair Guides for Dell Desktops.

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Why won't Windows XP recognize the keyboard?

Hi, I have a dell desktop that will not recognize the keyboard but it will recognize the mouse. It will turn on the num lock light. Windows just won't listen to it. I checked the ram and replaced the cmos battery and thatngot the mouse working , but nothing else, and yes the keyboard does work.

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u guys dont understand, it cant b recognized even at bios stage, 6 usb ports, no ps2 connector... what a dell system!, or show me hw 2 rewire a usb to a com port let me try.


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Check your drivers,

Control panel>hardware and sound> Device Manager

In Device manager there will be a tab Keyboard, check if it is up to date.

I know if its a USB keybored i think it will say P/P or plug and play device, or plug and play keybored.

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You can also buy a PS2 adapter if you have a usb keyboard.

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You need to first check the keyboard on some other PC if it works fine or not otherwise try changing the port if its usb. If in case of none of the keyboard is working via USB then try a PS2 keyboard or try updating the drivers.

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