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Vierte iPhone Generation. Die Reparatur an sich ist unkompliziert, aber Frontglas und LCD müssen gemeinsam ersetzt werden. GSM mit 8, 16 oder 32 GB Kapazität, Modell A1332 in schwarz und weiß.

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logic board gold prong


I recently took my iphone 4 apart to fit a new screen.

The gold prong on the top of the logic board broke.

I reassembled the phone and now it doesn't work.

Is the gold prong on top of the logic board the cause?

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I think it has to do with the wifi. The same thing happened to my phone and everything except the wifi works. I dont currently have a phone plan so I'm not sure if cell service is also broke but the screen should definitely work. Try pulling the back off and undoing/redoing the display connections. My screen glowed black at first until a couple of hard resets and plugging it in. Does anyone know how this is attached to the motherboard? Solder?

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I have been trying to find what this gold prong does to no avail, i think its one of the antennas, be very careful if you try to solder it, as the heat will travel thru the board and the audio component will drop off, this is the little white piece on the opposite side of the board, then you will have no sound on the earpiece, i would leave it, you could end up with more problems than what you started with.


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